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I am is a vain thought;
I am not is a vain thought;
I shall be is a vain thought;
I shall not be is a vain thought.
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Quotes n° 2506: Buddha Sakyamuni  (563 - 483 B.C), founder of Buddhism

Picture of the Day
Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa
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Biography of the Day
Saint John of the Cross
Founder (with St. Teresa) of the Discalced Carmelites, doctor of mystic theology, b. at Hontoveros, Old Castile, 24 June, 1542; d. at Ubeda, Andalusia, 14 Dec., 1591. John de Yepes, youngest child of Gonzalo de Yepes and Catherine Alvarez, poor silk weavers of Toledo, knew from his earliest years the hardships of life. The father, originally of a good family but disinherited on account of his marriage below his rank, died in the prime of his youth; the widow, assisted by her eldest son, was scarcely able to provide the bare necessities. John was sent to the poor school at Medina del Campo, whither the family had gone to live, and proved an attentive and diligent pupil; but when apprenticed to an artisan, he seemed incapable of learning anything. Thereupon the governor of the hospital of Medina ...

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