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Question: The Talmud says that the child in the womb of his mother looks from one end of the world to the other and knows all the teachings, but that the instant he comes in contact with the air of earth an angel strikes him on the mouth, and he forgets everything. I do not understand why this should be: why first know everything and then forget it?
Answer: A trace is left behind in man through which he can reacquire the knowledge of the world and the teachings, and do God's service.
Question. But why must the angel strike man? If he did not, there would be no evil.
Answer: But if there were no evil, there would be no good, for good is the counterpart of evil.
Everlasting delight is no delight. That is how we must interpret what we are taught: that the creation of the world took place for the good of its creatures. And that is why it is written. "It is not good that the man" - that is to say the primal man God created-"should be alone," that is, without the counter effect and the hindrance of the Evil Inclination, as was the case before the creation of the world. For there is no good unless its counterpart exists. And further on we read: "I will make him a help meet for him" - the fact that evil confronts good gives man the possibility of victory: of rejecting evil and choosing good. Only then does the good exist truly and perfectly.
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Quotes n° 2778: Martin Buber  (Vienne, 1878 — Jérusalem, 1965), famous midrash scholar

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Biography of the Day
Paramhansa Yogananda
Yogananda est né le 5 janvier 1893 à Gorakhpur, en Inde du Nord-Est, sous le nom de Mukunda Lal Ghosh. Le nom de Yogananda ("béatitude par le yoga") lui a été donné en 1914, et le titre de Paramahansa (("cygne supérieur", le cygne étant le véhicule de Brahma) en 1935. Ses parents, Bengalis tous les deux, ont été très tôt des disciples de Lahiri Mahasaya. Sa mère lui fait connaître le Mahabharata et le Ramayana. Les phénomènes surnaturels ne tardent pas à accompagner sa vie. En 1901, à 8 ans, atteint du choléra asiatique que les médecins ne savent pas guérir, sur le conseil de sa mère, il s'agenouille devant le portrait de Lahiri ...

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