Project history- 01/2000 : 1st version (in french)
- 01/2002 : ASP version.
- 05/2004 : English version.
- 12/2004 : Deutch version.
- 07/2006 : World Religion sacred Pictures.
- 2006-2008? : World Religion Chronology
- 01/2008 : New Design.
- 04/2010 : Postcards.
- 01/2013 : Onelittleangel on Google+ and Facebook.
- 03/2014 : Android applications.
- 06/2015 : World religion calendar.
- 07/2015 : Member area.
- 07/2015 : World Religion sacred books.
- 12/2017 : New Android application.
- 01/2018 : Quotations and sacred books searchpage.
- 01/2018 : Daily quotes on Facebook and Twitter.The Project : The principle of this Website is that it belongs to all and thus everyone can support it in many ways:

- By sharing your spiritual, philosophical and poetic readings by becoming a member. You will then be able to add comments, quotations, create postcards from the quotes, choose from original design fonts for a better reading, etc.

- By developping another languistic version (Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arab...) that you will manage via email (Nota Bene: the data-processing part is being realized by us, thus it does not need to be an expert in Internet to be able to do it, just an email, your will and your version is on the way!)

- By adding a link to onelittleangel from your Website

- Contact us for any other kind of supports. They are all welcome.
Thanks : would like to thanks all the translators for their considerable work, whose works is as great as the texts they have translated. Without them, this Website would not exist, and so much great thoughts would not be shared to the Western World
Copyright: is a Website of Cultural exchanges which goal is to allow the public to access a considerable mass of information. By respect of the copyright, make all the possible efforts to put on line only works (quotation, presentation, biographies) with the author's name, as provided via the forms.
Liability : can not check for each quote, biography and presentation the accuracy of the information transmitted. denies all responsability concerning all transmitted information. In the event of mistakes or desagreement concerning one content, please contact us at this following address: See address The copyright owners have the rights, at any time and on their request to withdraw all or part of their work or translation.

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