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The flowering of meditation is goodness, and the generosity of the heart is the beginning of meditation."

"Meditation is a movement in and of the unknown. You are not there, only the movement. You are too petty or too great for this movement. It has nothing behind it or in front of it. It is that energy which thought-matter cannot touch. Thought is perversion, for it is the product of yesterday; it is caught in the toils of centuries and so is confused, unclear. Do what you will, the known cannot reach out for the unknown. Meditation is the dying to the known. [...] Everything put together by thought is within the area of noise, and thought can in no way make itself still [...], thought itself must be still for silence to be. Silence is always now as thought is not. Thought, always being old, cannot possibly enter into that silence which is always new. The new becomes the old when thought touches it [...] Love can only be when thought is still. This stillness can in no way be manufactured by thought [...] this stillness can never be touched by thought. Thought is always old, but love is not [...] the flowering of goodness is not in the soil of thought."

Quote n° 4540 : , (Madanapalle, India, 1895 — Ojai, USA, 1986), philosophe indien, Hinduism
Source : Commentaries on Living  

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To love is the greatest thing in life; it is very important to talk about love, to feel it, to nourish it, to treasure it, otherwise it will soon be dissipated, for the world is very brutal. If while you are young you don't feel love, if you don't look with love at people, at animals, at flowers, when you grow up you find that your life is empty; you will be very lonely, and the dark shadows of fear will follow you always. But the moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.

Quote n° 3489 : , (Madanapalle, India, 1895 — Ojai, USA, 1986), philosophe indien, Hinduism
Source : Think on these Things  

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Questioner: When you were young you wrote a book in which you said: "These are not my words, they are the words of my Master." How is it that you now insist upon our thinking for ourselves? And who was your Master? K. Answers: …Does it matter very much who a Master or a guru is? What matters is life -- not your guru, not a Master, a leader or a teacher who interprets life for you. It is you who have to understand life; it is you who are suffering in misery; it is you who want to know the meaning of death, of birth, of meditation, of sorrow, and nobody can tell you… What is important is to be a light unto yourself, to be your own Master and disciple, to be both the teacher and the pupil.

Quote n° 3488 : , (Madanapalle, India, 1895 — Ojai, USA, 1986), philosophe indien, Hinduism
Source : Think on these Things  

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Questioner: How can we know ourselves? K. Answers: …Through self knowledge you begin to find out what is God, what is truth, what is that state which is timeless. Your teacher may pass on to you the knowledge which he received from his teacher, and you may do well in your examinations, get a degree and all the rest of it; but, without knowing yourself as you know your own face in the mirror, all other knowledge has very little meaning. Learned people who don't know themselves are really unintelligent; they don't know what thinking is, what life is. That is why it is important for the educator to be educated in the true sense of the word, which means that he must know the workings of his own mind and heart, see himself exactly as he is in the mirror of relationship. Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. In self-knowledge is the whole universe; it embraces all the struggles of humanity.

Quote n° 3487 : , (Madanapalle, India, 1895 — Ojai, USA, 1986), philosophe indien, Hinduism
Source : Think on these Things  

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