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I ngathering of Exiles is as important as the day when heaven and earth were created.

Judaism quote 6407 |  Pesachim  

Y ou cannot make a dog into a lion.

Judaism quote 6408 |  Deuteronomy (Devarim) R.  

A t five, your son is your master; at ten, your slave; at fifteen, your double; and after that, he is your friend or foe—depending on how you raised him.

Judaism quote 6409 |  13:24  

D eath does not knock at the door.

Judaism quote 6412 |  Yiddish Proverb  

L et your friends be many but your confidant only one in a thousand!

Judaism quote 6413 |  6:6  

T o hold the rope at both ends… [Playing both ends against the middle]

Judaism quote 6414 |  Genesis (Bereshit) R.  

T he one who causes a good deed to be performed is as meritorious as the one who performs it.

Judaism quote 6416 |  Sanhedrin  

I srael will not be redeemed until they are united all into a single grouping.

Judaism quote 6417 | 

S o great is peace that, even if Israel worship idols yet peace reigns among them, God says: I cannot, as it were, wield power over them, because peace prevails there.

Judaism quote 6418 |  Genesis (Bereshit) R.  

L et us crown ourselves with rosebuds before they wither! [Gather ye rosebuds while ye may!]

Judaism quote 6419 |  2:8  

H e who studies but does not repeat his lessons is as one who plants but does not enjoy the fruit.

Judaism quote 6420 |  Sanhedrin 90  

W ho circumcises his son is as though he offered all the sacrifices to the Lord.

Judaism quote 6422 |  Genesis  

H e who stiffens his neck against many reproofs will suddenly be broken beyond repair.

Judaism quote 6423 |  29:2  

A gate once widened stays wide.

Judaism quote 6425 |  Bava Batra  

H e who teaches a child is as if he had created it.

Judaism quote 6426 |  Sanhedrin 19b  

O ne should respect one’s fatherin- law like one’s own father.

Judaism quote 6427 |  Midrash Tehillim  

F lee from a sin as from a snake, for if you draw nigh it will bite you!

Judaism quote 6428 |  21:2  

A man will soon forget his sin if he does not make it public.

Judaism quote 6429 | 

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