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[The Epistles of Ignatius are translated by Archbishop Wake from the text of Vossius. He says that there were considerable differences in the editions; the best for a long time extant containing fabrications, and the genuine being altered and corrupted. Archbishop Usher printed old Latin translations of them at Oxford, in 1644. At Amsterdam, two years afterwards, Vossius printed six of them, in their ancient and pure Greek; and the seventh greatly amended from the ancient Latin version, was printed at Paris, by Ruinart, in 1689, in the Acts and Martyrdom of Ignatius, from a Greek uninterpolated copy. These are supposed to form the collection that Polycarp made of the Epistles of Ignatius, mentioned by Irenaeus, Origen, Eusebius, Jerome, Athanasius, Theodoret, and other ancients; but many learned men have imagined all of them to be apocryphal. This supposition, the piety of Archbishop Wake, and his persuasion of their utility to the faith of the church, will not permit him to entertain; hence he has taken great pains to render the present translation acceptable, by adding numerous readings and references to the Canonical Books.]

(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

1. 1  
IGNATIUS, who is also called Theophorus, to the church which is at Ephesus in Asia; most deservedly happy; being blessed [*166:1] through the greatness and fulness [*166:2] of God the Father, and predestinated before the world began, that it should be always unto an enduring and unchangeable glory; being united and chosen [*166:3] through his true passion, according to the will of the Father, and Jesus Christ our God; all [*166:4] happiness, by Jesus Christ, and [*166:5] his undefiled grace.
1. 2  
I have heard of your name much beloved in God; which ye have [*166:6] very justly attained by a [*166:7] habit of righteousness, according to the faith and love which is in Jesus Christ our Saviour.
1. 3  
How that being [*166:8] followers of God, and stirring up yourselves by the blood of Christ ye have perfectly accomplished the work that was con-natural unto you.
1. 4  
For hearing that I came bound from Syria, for the common name and [*166:9] hope, trusting through your prayers to fight with beasts at Rome; so that by [*166:10] suffering I may become indeed the disciple of him [*166:11] who gave himself to God, an offering and sacrifice for us; [*166:12] (ye hastened to see me). I received, therefore, in the name of God, your whole multitude in Onesimus.
1. 5  
Who by inexpressible love is ours, but according to the flesh is your bishop; whom I beseech you, by Jesus Christ, to love; and that you would all strive to be like unto him. And blessed be God, who has granted unto you, who are so worthy of him, to [*166:13] enjoy such an excellent bishop.
1. 6  
For what concerns my fellow servant Burrhus, and your [*166:14] most blessed deacon in things pertaining to God; I entreat you that he may tarry longer, both for yours, and your bishop's honour.
1. 7  
And Crocus also worthy both our God and you, whom I have received as the pattern of your love, has in all things refreshed me, as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ shall also refresh him; together with Onesimus, and Burrhus, and Euclus, and Fronto, [*167:1] in whom I have, as to your charity, seen all of you. And may I always, [*167:2] have joy of you, if I shall be worthy of it.
1. 8  
It is therefore fitting that you should [*167:3] by all means glorify Jesus Christ who hath glorified you: that [*4] by a uniform obedience [*167:5] ye may be perfectly joined together, in the same mind, and in the same judgment: and may all speak the same things concerning everything.
1. 9  
And that being subject to [*167:6] your bishop, and the presbytery, ye may be wholly and thoroughly sanctified.
1. 10  
These things I [*167:7] prescribe to you, not as if I were somebody extraordinary: for though I am bound [*167:8] for his name, I am not yet perfect in Christ Jesus. [*167:9] But now I begin to learn, and I speak to you as fellow disciples together with me.
1. 11  
For I ought to have been stirred up by you, in faith, in admonition, in patience, in long-suffering; but forasmuch as charity suffers me not to be silent [*167:10] towards you, I have first taken upon me to exhort you, that ye would all run together according to the will of God.
1. 12  
For even Jesus Christ, our inseparable life, is sent by the [*167:11] will of the Father; as the bishops, appointed unto the utmost bounds of the earth, are by the will of Jesus Christ.
1. 13  
[*167:12] Wherefore it will become you to run together according to the will of your bishop, as also ye do.
1. 14  
For your [*167:13] famous presbytery, worthy of God, is fitted as exactly to the bishop, as the strings are to the harp.
1. 15  
Therefore in your concord and agreeing charity, Jesus Christ is sung; and every single person among you makes up the chorus:
1. 16  
That so being all consonant in [*167:14] love, and taking up the song of God, ye may in a perfect unity with one voice, sing to the Father by Jesus Christ; to the end that he may both hear you, and perceive by your works, that ye are indeed the members of his son.
1. 17  
Wherefore it is profitable for you to live in an unblameable unity, that so ye may always [*167:15] have a fellowship with God.

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