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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

1. 1  
IGNATIUS who is also called Theophorus; to the blessed [*172:1] (church) [*172:2] by the grace of God the Father in [*172:3] Jesus Christ our Saviour: in whom I salute the church which is at Magnesia near the Maeander: and wish it all joy in God the Father and in Jesus Christ.
1. 2  
When I heard of your well ordered love and charity in God, being full of joy, I desired much to speak unto you in the faith of Jesus Christ.
1. 3  
For having [*172:4] been thought worthy to obtain a most excellent name, [*172:5] in the bonds which I carry about, I [*172:6] salute the churches; wishing in them a union both of the body and spirit of Jesus Christ, our eternal life: as also of faith and charity, to which nothing is preferred: but especially of Jesus and the Father in whom [*172:7] if we undergo all the injuries of the prince of this pre sent world, and escape, we shall enjoy God.
1. 4  
Seeing then I have been judged worthy to see you, by Damas your [*172:8] most excellent bishop; and by your very worthy presbyters, Bassus and Apollonius; and by my fellow-servant Sotio, the deacon;
1. 5  
In whom [*172:9] I rejoice, forasmuch as he is the subject unto his bishop as to the grace of God, and to the presbytery as to the law of Jesus Christ; [*172:10] I determined to write unto you.
1. 6  
Wherefore it will become you also not [*172:11] to use your bishop too familiarly upon the account of his youth; but to yield all reverence to him according to the power of God the Father; as also I perceive that your holy presbyters do: not considering is [*172:12] age, which indeed to appearance is young; but as becomes those who are prudent in God, submitting to him, or rather not to him, but to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the bishop of us all.
1. 7  
It will therefore [*172:13] behoove you [*172:14] with all sincerity, to obey your bishop; in honour him [*172:15] whose pleasure it is that ye should do so.
1. 8  
Because he that does not do so, deceives not the bishop whom he sees, but [*173:1] affronts him that is invisible. [*173:2] For whatsoever of this kind is done, it reflects not upon [*173:3] man, but upon God, who knows the secrets of our hearts.
1. 9  
It is therefore fitting, that we should not only be called Christians, but be so.
1. 10  
As some call indeed their governor, bishop; but yet do all things without him.
1. 11  
But I can never think that such as these have a good conscience, seeing that they are not gathered together [*173:4] thoroughly according to God's commandment.

^172:1 Vid. Interp. Lat. Epist. Interpol. ^172:2 In. ^172:3 According to. ^172:4 Been vouchsafed a name carrying a great deal of divinity in it. ^172:5 See Bishop Pearson. Vind. Ign. par. ii. cap. 12, p. 146. ^172:6 Sing, commend. ^172:7 Undergoing, escaping. ^172:8 Worthy of God. ^172:9 Whom may I enjoy. ^172:10 Apud. Vet. Lat. Interp. Glorificato Deum Patrem D. nostri Jesu Christi. ^172:11 Vid. Voss. Annot. in loc. Pearson Praef. ad Vind. Ignat. ^172:12 Seeming youthful state. ^172:13 It is becoming. ^172:14 Without any hypocrisy. ^172:15 Who willeth it. ^173:1 Deludes. ^173:2 Vid. Epist. Interp. ad loc. ^173:3 Flesh. ^173:4 Firmly.

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