She (Sophia) is an inexhaustible treasure for mankind; She blesses the world with Supreme wisdom, and allows all people to realize their unity with God. She is the Supreme Spirit: All-knowing and sacred; One, yet pervading many, subtle, ever-free, lucid, stainless, clear, and invincible. She is the love of goodness, ever-ready, unobstructed, beneficent, kindly toward all, steadfast, unerring, and untouched by care. She is all-powerful, the witness of all, and found in those who are wise, pure-hearted, and humble. Sophia moves more easily than motion itself; By reason of Her purity She permeates all things. She is like a fine mist rising from the power of God, The divine radiance streaming from the glory of the Almighty. Nothing can stain Her immaculate purity. She is the shimmering glow of everlasting Light, The flawless mirror of God's Power on earth, The supreme image of all good things. Though one, She becomes everything; from within herself, by Her own power, makes all things new. Age after age She enters into holy souls, making them perfect, and leading them back to God. For God only accepts those who have made their home with Sophia. She is fairer than the sun, and greater than every constellation. She is more radiant than the light of day for day is overcome by night, but against Sophia no darkness can prevail.

(The Wisdom of Salomon)

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