Faith transforms the earth into a paradise. By it our hearts are raised with the joy of our nearness to heaven. Every moment reveals God to us. Faith is our light in this life. By it we know the truth without seeing it, we are put in touch with what we cannot feel, recognize what we cannot see, and view the world stripped of all its outer shell. Faith unlocks God's treasury. It is the key to all the vastness of His wisdom. The emptiness of all created things is disclosed by faith, and it is by faith that God reveals Himself With faith, All that is dark becomes light, and what is bitter becomes sweet. Faith transforms ugliness into beauty, and malice into kindness. Faith is the mother of tenderness, trust, and joy There is nothing faith cannot overcome; It passes beyond all shadows and through the darkest clouds to reach the truth, which it embraces and can never be parted from.

(Jean Pierre de Caussade)

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