Come, then, my beloved souls, let us fly to that love which calls us. Why are we waiting? Let us set out at once, Let us lose ourselves in the very heart of God and become intoxicated with His love. Let us snatch from His heart the key to all the treasures of the world and start out right away on the road to heaven. There is no need to fear that any lock will hold us back. Our key will open every door. There is no room we cannot enter. We can make ourselves free of the garden, the cellar, and the vineyard as well. If we want to explore the countryside, no one will hinder us. We can come and go; We can enter and leave any place we wish, Because we have the key of David, the key of knowledge, and the key of the abyss that holds the hidden treasures of divine wisdom. It is this key that opens the doors of mystical death and its sacred darkness. By it we can enter the deepest dungeons and emerge safe and sound. It gives us entrance into that blessed spot where the light of knowledge shines and the Bridegroom takes His noonday rest. There we quickly learn how to win His kiss and ascend with surety the steps of the nuptial couch. And there we learn the secrets of love- Divine secrets that cannot be revealed and which no human tongue can ever describe.

(Jean Pierre de Caussade)

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