If there is any lover in the world, 0 Muslim, it is I. If there is any believer, infidel, or Christian hermit, it is I. The wine, the cup-bearer, the musician, the instrument and the music, The beloved, the candle, the liquor and the inebriation, it is I. The seventy-two religious sects in the world Do not really exist; I swear by God every religious sect-it is I. Earth, air, water and fire: do you know what they are? Earth, air, water and fire-and the soul as well; it is I Truth and falsehood, good and evil, pleasure and suffering, beginning and end, Knowledge, learning, asceticism, devotion and faith-it is I. Be assured that the fire of hell and its flames, Paradise, Eden and the angels of heaven-it is I. Heaven and earth and all they hold: angels, demons, and men - it is I.

(RumiJalāl ud Dīn)

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