While the mind is unstable, there can be no union; When the mind becomes stable, He will be found with ease. How can the mind remain firm without some resting place? It merely keeps wandering here and there. It will become stable only when you settle It on the remembrance of God. Where you hold fast to His Name with a steadfast mindthere, says Dadu, is Rama. Delight in the remembrance of Hari; then will the mind become steadfast. When it has tasted the fellowship of love, it will not move away a single step. When it is fixed on the One within, it finds no joy in other attractions; Fixed firmly there, it does not wander anywhere else. Like a gull, perched on a boat's mast in mid-ocean, the mind, After it has grown weary of flying here and there, has found its resting-place. Then only does my soul find peace and happiness, when my mind has become stable, Steadfastly fixed on Rama. if only one could learn this secret! The pure mind is stable; its joy is in the name of Rama. in this way, you too shall find the vision of Him who is supreme and perfect Bliss.


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