«Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.» (Rumi)

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Scriptures 360

Religious cohesion, bringing religion back to education and mutual learning amongst religious groups can foster social harmony and promote world peace. Venerable Master Chin Kung encouraged practitioners of different faiths to select 360 passages of the most essential teachings in their respective sacred texts, and compiled them into Scriptures 360, for the convenience of the general public.

This set of books is compiled by:
- Members of the Toowoomba Interfaith Working Group (Queensland, Australia),
- Syed Hassan Al-Atas (Imam and Head of Ba’alwie Mosque Singapore),
- Reverend Master Lee Zhiwang (President of Taoist Mission Singapore),
- Mr K. Rajamanikam (Singapore)


Quotes of the Day

The Lord Buddha continued:-Do not think, Subhuti, that the Tathagata would consider within himself:-I will deliver human beings. That would be a degrading thought. Why? Because really there are no sentient beings to be delivered by the Tathagata. Should there be any sentient beings to be delivered by the Tathagata, it would mean that the Tathagata was cherishing within his mind arbitrary conceptions of phenomena such as one's own self, other selves, living beings and an universal self. Even when the Tathagata refers to himself, he is not holding in his mind any such arbitrary thought. Only terrestrial human beings think of selfhood as being a personal possession. Subhuti, even the expression 'terrestrial beings' as used by the Tathagata does not mean that there are any such beings. It is used only as a figure of speech.
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Quotes n° 2519: The Maha Prajna Paramita  (-Ie au IIe siècle), 

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Saint Gregory of Nyssa
Saint Gregory of Nyssa
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Biography of the Day
The Avadhuta Gita
The Avadhuta Gita (date unknown) is a Sanskrit text describing the position of Non-dual (Advaita) Vedanta. It is a work that reads like a repetitive chant, again and again proclaiming the outlook of absolute unity. This text is written from the perspective of an Avadhuta. An Avadhuta is a liberated soul who is completely beyond worldly attachments and cares. He seeks nothing, he renounces nothing; he is not swayed by social convention nor approval. He exists completely in the bliss of his own inner self. This work is customarily attributed to the sage Dattatreya.

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