Yao was an adequate example of governing by not governing and acting by not acting. Why should we have to resort to Hsu Yu? Are we to insist that a man fold his arms and sit in silence in the-) middle of some mountain forest before we will say he is practicing non-action? This is why the words of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu are rejected by responsible officials. This is why responsible officials insist on remaining in the realm of action without regretů. For egotistical people set themselves up against things, whereas he who is in accord with things is not opposed to themů. Therefore he profoundly and deeply responds to things without any deliberate mind of his own and follows whatever comes into contact with him. He is like an untied boat drifting, claiming neither the east nor the west to be its own. He who is always with the people no matter what he does is the ruler of the world wherever he maybe.

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