Brahman is all, and the Self is Brahman. This Self has four states of consciousness. The first is called Vaishvanara, in which One lives with all the senses turned outward, Aware only of the external world. Taijasa is the name of the second, The dreaming state in which, with the senses Turned inward, one enacts the impressions Of past deeds and present desires. The third state is called Prajna, of deep sleep, In which one neither dreams nor desires. There is no mind in Prajna, there is no Separateness; but the sleeper is not Conscious of this. Let him become conscious In Prajna and it will open the door To the state of abiding joy. Prajna, all-powerful and all-knowing, Dwells in the hearts of all as the ruler. Prajna is the source and end of all. The fourth is the superconscious state called Turiya, neither inward nor outward, Beyond the senses and the intellect, In which there is none other than the Lord. He is the supreme goal of life. He is Infinite peace and love. Realize him!

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