The soul that, prepared by the Holy Spirit to be his seat and house, and found worthy to participate in his Light, is illuminated by the beauty of his ineffable glory, becomes all light, all face, all eyes; there is no part of her that is not full of these spiritual eyes of light. That is to say no part of her is in shadow, but she is entirely transformed into light and spirit and is all full of eyes and has neither a part behind or a part in front but appears all face because of the ineffable glory of the Light of Christ, that has descended on her and lives with her. And as the sun is totally of one likeness, and has no "behind" or imperfect part, but is throughout splendid with light, and is light throughout; or even as fire, that is to say the light of fire is entirely like itself and has no before or behind, greater or less; so too the soul that is perfectly illuminated by the ineffable glory of the light of the face of Christ, and perfectly partakes of the Holy Spirit, and is judged worthy to be made the house and seat of God, becomes all eyes, all light, all face, all glory and all spiritů. If then you have become the throne of God, and the Heavenly Charioteer has seated himself within you, and your soul is entirely transformed into a spiritual eye, and is made into light; if you too are nourished with the heavenly food of that spirit and have drunk of the Living Water, and have put on the secret garment of light - if your inward being has experienced all these things and is established in rich unshakable faith, then you are living the Eternal Life, and your soul even in this present time rests with Christ.

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