The roots of conduct have four aspects: conduct with God, conduct with self, conduct with people, and conduct with this world. Each of these aspects is based on seven principles. There are seven principles of conduct with God: giving God His due, keeping His limits, being thankful for His gift, being content with His decree, being patient with His trials, glorifying His sanctity, and yearning for Him. The seven principles of conduct with self are reducing fear, striving, enduring harm, embracing spiritual discipline, seeking truthfulness and sincerity, withdrawing the self from what it loves, and binding it in poverty. The seven principles of conduct with people are forbearance, forgiveness, humility, generosity, compassion, good counsel, justice and fairness. The seven principles of conduct with this world are being content with what is at hand, preferring what is available to what is not, abandoning the quest for the elusive, hating overabundance, choosing abstinence, knowing the evils of this world and abandoning any desire for them, and negating its dominance.

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