The eight duties of a teacher are 1 . To be sympathetic to students and treat them as his or her own children. The teacher must care about the students' welfare as mothers and fathers care for their own children. 2. To refuse any remuneration for his or her services and accept neither reward nor thanks. 3. Not to withhold any advice from the student or allow the student to work at any level unless qualified for it. 4. To use sympathetic and indirect suggestions in dissuading students from bad habits, rather than open, harsh criticism. Open criticism incites defiance and stubbornness. 5. When teaching a given discipline, not to belittle the value of other disciplines or teachers. 6. To limit the students to what they can understand and not require of them anything that is beyond their intellectual capacity. 7. To give backward students only such things as are dear and suitable to their limited understanding. Everyone believes him- or herself capable of mastering every discipline, no matter how complex, and the most simple and foolish are usually most pleased with their intellect. 8. To do what one teaches and not allow one's actions to contradict one's words.

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