Shems asked a sheikh, "What are you doing. I am looking at the moon's reflection in this lake" replied the sheikh. "Why don't you look directly at the sky? Are you so blind that you do not see the true object in all you contemplate?" Shems'reply had such an effect on the sheikh that he asked Shems to accept him as his disciple. "You do not have the strength to bear my company," replied Shems. 'The strength is within me," said the sheikh. "Please accept me. "Then bring me a pitcher of wine, and we will drink together in the Baghdad market.' Fearing public opinion (because alcohol is forbidden by Islam), the sheikh replied, 'I cannot do this" Shems shouted, "You are too timid for me. You haven't the strength to be among the intimate friends of God. I seek only those who know how to reach the Truth.'

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