The Supreme Lord dwells in the heart of all beings, and by His magic power of illusion He causes them to move about like wooden dolls on a spinning wheel. Give your whole heart to that Supreme Lord, seek refuge in Him alone; By His Grace you will find perfect peace and the abode of immortal life. Go deeper and deeper within yourself until nothing is left-then fight! No one on earth is more dear to me than you. That is why I tell you all this Abandon all hope of gain from this world and take refuge in me alone; I will wash away your sins and free you from every evil. You will never grieve again, Fix your mind on me, think of yourself as me, worship me, sacrifice to me, honor me as your own Self, and you will surely come to me. This I promise you, for you are dear to me Arjuna! Have you heard me? Have my words hit their mark?

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