If you understand what I am going to tell you, you won't have to work very hard, you won't even have to meditate very much. The Guru is not a physical form. The Guru is not an impressive figure peering at you from a picture. The Guru is not a person with long hair or a beard. The Guru is the divine power of Grace. The Guru is Shakti Herself Even if you receive Shakti from the Guru, it is not his personal possession. The Shakti comes from the divine source, from the Supreme Lord, and this you must never forget. If you do not have this knowledge, no matter how much you meditate ' it will not lead you anywhere. If you are ignorant of the nature of Shakti, no matter how much wealth you have, you are poor. All that you need, wherever you are, is this constant awareness of the true nature of the Shakti, firm faith in it, and true devotion to it. If you have such firm faith, Shakti will guide you wherever you may be; Shakti will take the form of the Guru, or Shakti will give you messages from within. You will have absolutely no difficulty.

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