It's neither neuter, nor masculine, nor feminine. It possesses neither intellect nor the power of thought. How, then, can you imagine that the Self Is either blissful or not blissful? The practice of yoga will not lead you to purity; Silencing the mind will not lead you to purity; The Guru's instructions will not lead you to purity. That purity is your Essence; It's your very own Consciousness. Neither the gross body, consisting of five elements, Nor the subtle body, exists; Everything is the Self alone. How, then, could the fourth state (samadhi) or the other three states (waking, dreaming, deep sleep) exist? I am not bound, nor am I liberated; I'm Brahman, and nothing else. I'm not the doer, nor am I the enjoyer; I do not pervade anything, nor am I pervaded.

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