I sought solitude with my loved one, Yet find there is no one here but myself. And if there were a "someone else," then, truly, I should not have attained her. When I clutched at His skirt, I found His hand in my sleeve. I am the one I love; He whom I love is I. Two, yet residing in a single body. If I have become the Beloved, Who is the lover? Beloved, Love and lover-three in one; There is no place for union here, So, what is this talk of "separation?" What He takes, He takes with His own hand from Himself; What He gives, He gives from Himself to Himself. Hunter, prey, bait, and trap; Candle, candlestick, flame, and moth; Beloved, lover, soul, and soul's desire; Inebriation, drinker, wine, and cupAll is He! Is it You or I this reality in the eye? Beware, beware of the word, "two." "I" and "You" have made of man a duality; Without these words, You are I and I am You.

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