Does [the Muslim's God] Khuda, live only in the mosque? Is [the Hindu's God] Ram, only in idols and holy grounds? Have you searched and found Him there? You imagine that Hari [Vishnu] is in the East, and Allah is in the West; But search for Him only in the heart-that is where Ram and Karim both live. Which, then, is false, the Quran or the Vedas? False is the man who does not see the Truth. It is One; It is the same One in all. How can you imagine that It is two? Says Kabir: 0 Lord, every man and every woman are Your own forms; I am the simple child of Allah-Ram; He is my Guru, my Pir Brother, where did your two gods come from? Ram, Allah; Keshav, Karim; Hari, Hazrat-so many names! There may be many golden ornaments, but there is one gold; it has no two-ness in it. Merely for the sake of exposition, we make of the One, two.

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