O brothers, the love of God is sweet! It is conferred by the Master, and grows sweeter every day. Wherever I go, I offer obeisance to the Lord; whatever I do is an act of worship to Him. In sleep, I reverence Him; I bow my head to no other. Whatever I utter is His name. Whatever I hear reminds me of Him; whatever I eat or drink is to His honor. To me, society and solitude are one; for all feelings of duality have left me. I have no need to practice austerity, for I see Him smiling everywhere as the supreme Beauty -in every form. Whether sitting, walking, or performing actions, my heart remains pure, for my mind remains fixed on God. Says Kabir: I have experienced the divine state, beyond both joy and suffering; and I am absorbed in That. 0 brothers, the love of God is sweet.

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