If I say, "He is One," it is a lie; if I say, "He is two," I am guilty of slander. Kabir knows Him as He is, but cannot express Him. The devotee who can stay in that place where the Invisible and the manifest are one, Like a lamp in the doorway, illumines both what is within and what is without. As a piece of cloth is not different from the threads which comprise it, So Brahman is not different from the world, and the world is not different from Brahman. 0 Kabir, there is no difference between the world, the Creator, and Brahman; Brahman is in all and all is in Brahman. The fire is one, whether it bums in a lamp or a torch; so Brahman is all, and in Him exist all souls, God, and the world. Unity is the essence of the teachings of all the saints; Laugh at Kabir if you do not become perfect by living in accord with this truth!

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