Whoever in his self the Supreme Being has lodged, His name is truly the servant of God: On his vision has flashed the Lord that is also within the self. This by utter humility has he obtained. The servant who ever realizes the Lord to be near, At the divine Portal finds acceptance. By divine grace falling on His servant, Comes to him full realization. To be with all, yet in his self unattached-- Such a way, says Nanak, to God's servant is known. One that the Lord's command in mind cherishes, Is truly to be called Jivan-mukta (liberated while living). To such a one are joy and sorrow alike; Ever in joy, never feels he sorrow. Gold and a clod of earth to him are alike, As also nectar and foul-tasting poison. To him are honor and dishonor alike; Alike also pauper and prince. One that such a way practices, Says Nanak, a Jivan-mukta may be called.

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