Higher than all stands the Realm of Grace-- None can have access there except heroes of supreme might, Inspired by God-consciousness. In that sphere abide numberless heroines like Sita of surpassing praise And beauty indescribable. Those to God united suffer not mortality nor delusion. In that sphere abide devotees assembled from the various universes, Cherishing the holy Eternal ever in their hearts. In everlasting bliss. The formless Supreme Being abides in the Realm of Eternity. Over His creation He casts His glance of grace. In that realm are contained all the continents and universes, Exceeding in number all count. Of creation, worlds upon worlds abide therein-- All obedient to His Will; He watches over them in bliss, And has each constantly in mind. Saith Nanak, Such is that realm's [glory] that to try to describe it is to attempt the impossible

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