Whoever is proud of his royal authority falls into hell, becomes a dog. Whoever fancies himself for his beauty takes birth as a filthy worm. Whoever proclaims his meritorious deeds whirls in transmigration, fallen into numerous births. Whoever is proud of wealth and estates is thoughtless, blind, senseless. But whoever in whose heart He, in His grace, lodges humility finds, says Nanak, liberation in this life, bliss in the hereafter. Whoever is proud of his wealth, Know not even a blade of grass shall accompany him. Whoever pins his confidence on large hoardes and servants is destroyed in an instant. Whoever reckons himself powerful over all is reduced in an instant to ashes. Whoever in his pride reckons none as his equal In the end treated with ignominy by the Master of Law. Whoever by the Master's grace has his pride anulled, Says Nanak, finds acceptance at the Divine Portal.

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