Therefore, every single living being should hold Gwan Shr Yin Bodhisattva’s name in mind. “Infinite Resolve! Suppose someone held the names of Bodhisattvas to the number of grains of sand in sixty-two million Ganges Rivers, and for this person’s entire life, made offerings to them all of food and drink, clothes, bedding, and medicine. What is your opinion? Would the merit and virtue accrued by that good man or woman be abundant?” Infinite Resolve replied, “Extremely abundant, World Honored One, very great indeed!” The Buddha said, “Yet if someone else held the name of Gwan Shr Yin Bodhisattva, bowed and made an offering but one time, the blessings of these two people would be identical, the same in every way, and would endure for quadrillions of aeons.”

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