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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

2. 1  
MY brethren, the love I have towards you makes me the [*183:5] more large; and having a great joy in you, I endeavour to secure you against danger; or rather not I, but Jesus Christ; in whom being bound I the more fear, as being yet only [*183:6] on the way to suffering.
2. 2  
But your prayer to God shall make me perfect, that I may attain to that portion, which by God's mercy is allotted to me: Fleeing to the Gospel as to the flesh of Christ; and to the Apostles as to the presbytery of the church.
2. 3  
Let us also love the prophets, forasmuch as they also have [*183:7] led us to the Gospel, and to hope in [*183:8] Christ, and to expect him.
2. 4  
In whom also believing they were saved in the unity of Jesus Christ; being holy men, worthy to be loved, and had in wonder;
2. 5  
Who have received testimony from Jesus Christ, and are numbered in the Gospel of our common hope.
2. 6  
But if any one shall preach the [*183:9] Jewish law unto you, hearken not unto him; for [*183:10] it is better to receive the doctrine of Christ from one that has been circumcised, than Judaism from one that has not.
2. 7  
But if either the one, or other, do not speak concerning Christ Jesus, they seem to me to be but as monuments and sepulchres of the dead, upon which are written only the names of men.
2. 8  
Flee therefore the wicked arts and snares of the prince of this world; lest at any time being oppressed by his cunning ye grow [*184:1] cold in your charity. But come all together into the same place with an undivided heart.
2. 9  
And I bless my God that I have a good conscience towards you, and that no one among you has whereof to boast either openly or privately, that I have been burthensome to him in much or little.
2. 10  
And I wish to all among whom I have conversed, that it may not turn to a witness against them.
2. 11  
For although some would have deceived me according to the flesh, yet the spirit, being from God, is not deceived; for it knows both whence it comes and whither it goes, and reproves the secrets of the heart.
2. 12  
I cried whilst I was among you; I spake with a loud voice: attend to the bishop, and to the presbytery, and to the deacons.
2. 13  
Now some supposed that I spake this as foreseeing the division [*184:2] that should come among you.
2. 14  
But he is my witness for whose sake I am in bonds that I knew nothing from any man. But the spirit spake, saying on this wise: Do nothing without the bishop:
2. 15  
Keep your [*184:3] bodies as the temples of God: Love unity; Flee divisions; Be the followers of Christ, as he was of his Father.
2. 16  
I therefore did as became me, as a man composed to unity. For where there is division, and wrath, God dwelleth not.
2. 17  
But the Lord forgives all that repent, if they [*184:4] return to the unity of God, and to the council of the bishop.
2. 18  
For I trust in the grace of Jesus Christ [*184:5] that he will free you from every bond.
2. 19  
Nevertheless I exhort you that you do nothing out of strife, but according to the instruction of Christ.
2. 20  
Because I have heard of some who say; unless I find it written in the [*184:6] originals, I will not believe it to be written in the Gospel. And when I said, It is written; they answered what lay before them in their corrupted copies.
2. 21  
But to me Jesus Christ is instead of all the uncorrupted monuments in the world; together with those [*184:7] undefiled monuments, his cross, and death, and resurrection, and the faith which is by him; by which I desire, through your prayers, to be justified.
2. 22  
The priests indeed are good; but much better is the High Priest to whom the Holy of Holies has been committed; and who alone has been entrusted with the secrets of God.
2. 23  
He is the door of the Father; by which Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, enter in; as well as the Apostles, and the church.
2. 24  
And all these things tend to the unity which is of God. Howbeit the Gospel has some. what in it far above all other dispensations; namely, the appearance of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, his passion and resurrection.
2. 25  
For the beloved prophets referred to him; but the gospel is the perfection of incorruption. All therefore together are good, if ye believe with charity.

^183:5 Very much poured out. ^183:6 Vid. Voss. in loc. Imperfect. ^183:7 Or preached of the Gospel; and hoped in him, and expected him. ^183:8 Vid. Voss. in loc. ^183:9 Judaism. ^183:10 Opinion: council. ^184:1 Weak. ^184:2 Of some. ^184:3 Flesh. ^184:4 Repent. ^184:5 Who will loose from you. ^184:6 Archives, Vid. Voss. Annot. in loc. ^184:7 Untouched.

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