Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.(Rumi)

We write beautiful maxims; but are we well imbued with them, and are we putting them into practice? (Epictetus)

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Know that the World of Unity lies in the other direction from the senses. If you want Oneness, go in that direction!
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Scriptures 360

Religious cohesion, bringing religion back to education and mutual learning amongst religious groups can foster social harmony and promote world peace. Venerable Master Chin Kung encouraged practitioners of different faiths to select 360 passages of the most essential teachings in their respective sacred texts, and compiled them into Scriptures 360, for the convenience of the general public.

This set of books is compiled by:
- Members of the Toowoomba Interfaith Working Group (Queensland, Australia),
- Syed Hassan Al-Atas (Imam and Head of Ba’alwie Mosque Singapore),
- Reverend Master Lee Zhiwang (President of Taoist Mission Singapore),
- Mr K. Rajamanikam (Singapore)


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The "King of Saints" was Jnaneshwar (?1271-1293), who, while living only twenty-two years, made an indelible mark on the whole of Hindu spirituality. Before Jnaneshwar's time, the scriptures of India were in the secret language of Sanskrit and completely unavailable to the lower classes. Breaking from tradition, Jnaneshwar not only translated the central Sanskrit text, the Bhagavad Cita, into the common language of Marathi but added a magnificent commentary which expounds the complete path of yoga and spiritual practice. His commentary, the Jnaneshwari, still stands among the greatest spiritual works ever written.

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Appolonius Of Tyana
Appolonius Of Tyana
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