Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.(Rumi)
We write beautiful maxims; but are we well imbued with them, and are we putting them into practice? (Epictetus)

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It is not surprising that we keep looking for love, because we are all born of love. We come out of love. All of us are nothing but vibrations of love. We are sustained by love, and in the end we merge back into love…. This world is nothing but a school of love; our relationships with our husband or wife, with our children and parents, with our friends and relatives are the university in which we are meant to learn what love and devotion truly are.
Yet the love we experience through other people is just a shadow of the love of the inner Self There is a sublime place inside us where love dwells…. The love that pulses in the cave of the heart does not depend on anything outside. It does not expect anything. It is completely independent.
The love of the Self is selfless and unconditional. It is not relative. It is completely free. It is self-generated and it never dies. This kind of love knows no distinction between high and low, between man and woman. Just as the earth remains the same no matter who comes and goes on it, so true love remains unchanging and independent. Love penetrates your entire being. Love is Consciousness. Love is bliss. It does not exist for the sake of something else. It is supremely free. The path of inner love leads a lover to God. As a person walks on this inner path of love, he not only attains love, but merges in the ocean of love.
If you want to experience love, you have to start by loving yourself' First you have to love your body, then those who are related to your body, and then the master of the body, the inner Self … The truth is that God has no physical body; the only body He has is the body of love. If the love you experience in your daily life-the little love you feel for your friends, your relatives, your pets, and even your possessions-could be turned toward the inner Self, that would be enough to bring you liberation.

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One Little Angel is proud to present
Scriptures 360

Religious cohesion, bringing religion back to education and mutual learning amongst religious groups can foster social harmony and promote world peace. Venerable Master Chin Kung encouraged practitioners of different faiths to select 360 passages of the most essential teachings in their respective sacred texts, and compiled them into Scriptures 360, for the convenience of the general public.

This set of books is compiled by:
- Members of the Toowoomba Interfaith Working Group (Queensland, Australia),
- Syed Hassan Al-Atas (Imam and Head of Ba’alwie Mosque Singapore),
- Reverend Master Lee Zhiwang (President of Taoist Mission Singapore),
- Mr K. Rajamanikam (Singapore)


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Angelus Silesius

Silesius Angelus or Johannes Scheffer, was a Convert, poet, controversialist, the son of a Lutheran Polish Nobleman, b. in Breslau in 1624; d. 9 July, 1677. He took the degree of doctor of philosophy and medicine, in Padua, in 1648, became court physician to the prince of Oels, in Silesia, was received into the Catholic Church in 1653, taking at confirmation the name of Angelus, to which he added the surname Silesius (Silesian), by which name he is known in the history of literature. In 1661, he was ordained priest and retired to the monastery of the Knights of the Cross in Breslau, where he died. His fortune he gave to pious and charitable institutions. With the Jesuits Spee and Balde, he was one of the few distinguished poets that Germany produced in an age of poetical barrenness and debased ...

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The Bhagavat Gita
The Bhagavat Gita
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