Come, all you simple souls those without piety, grand talents, or lessons learned. Come, all you who understand nothing of spiritual terms, who are filled with amazement at the eloquence of the learned. Come, and I will teach you the secret, unreachable by those brilliant scholars- The secret of perfection. You will find this perfection within you, above you, below you, with every step you take. Then you will be united with Godhand in hand you will walk. Come, not to study the map of spiritual terrain, But to possess it for yourself; To walk about in it without fear of going astray. Why learn the theory of Divine Grace, and what it has been doing throughout the ages, when you can become and be the very instrument of its operation? Come, not to discuss the words of others, But to listen… For in the sacredness of every moment Divine Grace is telling you alone all that is required

(Jean Pierre de Caussade)

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