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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

1. 1  
IGNATIUS, who is also called Theophorus, to the holy church which is at Tralles in Asia: beloved of God the Father of Jesus Christ, elect and worthy of God, having peace [*175:12] through the flesh and blood, and passion of Jesus Christ our hope, in the resurrection which is [*175:13] by him: which also I salute in its fulness, continuing in the apostolical character, wishing all joy and happiness unto it.
1. 2  
I have [*175:14] heard of your blameless and [*175:15] constant disposition through patience, which [*175:16] not only appears in your outward conversation, but is naturally rooted and grounded in you.
1. 3  
In like manner as Polybius your bishop has declared unto me, who came to me to Smyrna, by the will of God and Jesus Christ, and so rejoiced together with me [*176:1] in my bonds for Jesus Christ, that in effect I saw your whole [*176:2] church in him.
1. 4  
Having therefore received [*176:3] testimony of your good will towards me [*176:4] for God's sake, by him; [*176:5] I seemed to find you, as also I knew that ye were the [*176:6] followers of God.
1. 5  
For [*176:7] whereas ye are subject to your bishop as to Jesus Christ, ye appear to me to live not after the manner of men, but according to Jesus Christ; who died for us, that so believing in his death, ye might [*176:8] escape death.
1. 6  
It is therefore necessary, that as ye do, so without your bishop, you should do nothing: also be ye subject to your presbyters, as to the Apostles of Jesus Christ our hope; in whom if we walk, we shall be found in him.
1. 7  
[*176:9] The deacons also, as being the ministers of the mysteries of Jesus Christ, must by all means please ye. For they are not the [*176:10] ministers of meat and drink, but of the church of God. Wherefore they must avoid all offences, as they would do fire.
1. 8  
In like manner let us reverence the deacons [*176:11] as Jesus Christ; and the bishop as the father; and the presbyters as the Sanhedrim of God, and college of the Apostles.
1. 9  
Without these there is no [*176:12] church. Concerning all which I am persuaded that ye [*176:13] think after the very same manner: for I have received, and even now have with me, the pattern of your love, in your bishop.
1. 10  
Whose very [*176:14] look is instructive; and whose mildness [*176:15] powerful: [*176:16] whom I am persuaded, the very Atheists themselves cannot but reverence.
1. 11  
But because I have a love towards you, I will not write any more sharply unto you about this matter, though I very well might; but now I have done so; lest being a condemned man, I should seem to prescribe to you as an Apostle.
1. 12  
I have [*176:17] great knowledge in God; but I [*176:18] refrain myself, lest I should perish in my boasting.
1. 13  
For now I ought the more to fear; and not to hearken to those that would puff me up.
1. 14  
For they that speak to me, in my praise, chasten me.
1. 15  
For I indeed [*176:19] desire to suffer, but I cannot tell whether I am worthy so to do.
1. 16  
[*176:20] And this desire, though to others it does not appear, yet to myself it is for that very reason the more violent. I have, therefore, need of [*176:21] moderation; by which the prince of this world is destroyed.
1. 17  
Am I not able to write to you of heavenly things?--But I fear lest I should harm you, who are yet but babes in Christ: (excuse me this care;) and lest per chance being not able to receive them, ye should be choken with them.
1. 13  
For even I myself, although I am in bonds, [*177:1] yet am not therefore able to understand heavenly things:
1. 19  
As the places of the angels, and the several companies of them, under their respective princes; things visible and invisible; but in these I am yet a learner.
1. 20  
For many things are wanting to us, that we come not short of God.

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