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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

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IGNATIUS, [*178:8] who is also called Theophorus, to the church which has obtained mercy [*178:9] from the majesty of the Most High Father, and his only [*178:10] begotten Son Jesus Christ; beloved, and illuminated [*179:1] through the will of who willeth all things which are according to the love of Jesus Christ our [*179:2] God which also presides in the [*179:3] place of the region of the Romans; and which [*179:4] I salute in the name of Jesus Christ ( [*179:5] as being) united both in flesh and spirit to all his commands, and [*179:6] filled with the grace of God; [*179:7] (all joy) in Jesus Christ our God.
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[*8] Forasmuch as I have at last [*179:9] obtained through my prayers to God, to see your [*179:10] faces, [*179:11] which I much desired to do; being bound in Jesus Christ, I hope ere long to salute you, if it shall be the will [*179:12] of God to grant me to attain unto the end I long for.
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For the beginning is well disposed, if I shall but have grace, without hindrance, to receive [*179:13] what is appointed for me.
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But I fear your love, lest it do me an injury. For it is easy for you to do what you please; but it [*179:14] will be hard for me to attain unto God, if you spare me.
1. 5  
But I [*179:15] would not that ye should please men, but God [*179:16] whom also ye do please. For neither shall I hereafter have such an opportunity [*179:17] of going unto God; nor will you if ye shall now be silent, ever be to a better work. For if you shall be silent [*179:18] in my behalf, I shall be made partaker of God.
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But if you shall love my [*179:19] body, I shall have my course again to run. Wherefore ye cannot do me a greater kindness, than to suffer me to be sacrificed unto God, now that the altar is already prepared:
1. 7  
That [*179:20] when ye shall be gathered together in love, ye may [*179:21] give thanks to the Father through Christ Jesus; that he has vouchsafed [*179:22] to bring a bishop of Syria unto you, being called from the east unto the west.
1. 8  
For it is good for me to set from the world, unto God; that I may rise again unto him.
1. 9  
Ye have never envied any one; ye have taught other. I would therefore that ye [*179:23] should now do those things yourselves, which in your instructions you have [*179:24] prescribed to others.
1. 10  
Only pray for me, that God would give me both inward and outward strength, that I may not only say, but will; nor be only called a Christian, but be found one.
1. 11  
For if I shall be found a Christian, I may then deservedly be called one; and be thought faithful, when I shall no longer appear to the world.
1. 12  
Nothing is [*179:25] good, that is seen.
1. 13  
For even our God, Jesus Christ, now that he is in the Father, does so much the more appear.
1. 14  
A Christian is not a work of [*180:1] opinion; but of greatness of mind, ( [*180:2] especially when he is hated by the world.)

^178:1 Plants. ^178:2 I.e. The delegates of the church. ^178:3 The concord of you. ^178:4 Be a testimony among you, writing. ^178:5 Them. ^178:6 Undivided. ^178:7 Vid. Annot. Vossii et Coteler. in loc. ^178:8 Vid. Pearson. Vind. Ignat. par 2, ch. xvi. p. 214. ^178:9 In. ^178:10 Omitted, Gr. ^179:1 In. ^179:2 God; which also presides in the place of the region of the Romans, worthy of God; most decent, most blessed, most praised, most worthy to obtain what it desires; most pure, most charitable, called by the name of Christ and the Father; Gr. ^179:3 Type of the chorus, i.e., the church of the Romans. See Voss. Annot. in loc. ^179:4 Also. ^179:5 The Son of the Father; to those who are--Gr. ^179:6 Wholly filled. Gr. ^179:7 (Being absolutely separated from any other colour; much pure, or immaculate joy.) ^179:8 Gr. ^179:9 Vid. Voss. Annot. in loc. ^179:10 Worthy of God. ^179:11 And have received even more than I asked, being bound. ^179:12 Gr. ^179:13 My lot. ^179:14 Is. ^179:15 I will not please you as men. Gr. ^179:16 As. ^179:17 Attaining unto. ^179:18 From me. ^179:19 Flesh. ^179:20 Being become a chorus. ^179:21 Sing. ^179:22 That a bishop of Syria should be found. ^179:23 That those things also should be firm. ^179:24 Commanded. Vid. Annot. Userii in loc. N. 26, 27. ^179:25 Nothing that is seen is eternal: for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal. Gr. ^180:1 Persuasion, or silence. Gr. ^180:2 (Desunt, Gr.)

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