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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

2. 1  
I EXHORT you therefore, or rather not I, but the love of Jesus Christ; that ye use none but Christian nourishment; abstaining from pasture which is of another kind, I mean heresy.
2. 2  
[*177:2] For they that are heretics, confound together the doctrine of Jesus Christ, with their own poison: [*177:3] whilst they seem worthy of belief:
2. 3  
As men give a deadly potion mixed with sweet wine; which he who drinks of, does with the treacherous pleasure sweetly drink in his own death.
2. 4  
Wherefore guard yourselves against such persons. And that you will do if you are not puffed up; but continue inseparable from Jesus Christ our God, and from your bishop, and from the commands of the Apostles.
2. 5  
[*177:4] He that is within the altar is pure; but he that is without, that is, that does anything without the bishop, the presbyters, and deacons, is not pure in his conscience.
2. 6  
Not that I know there is any thing of this nature among you; but I fore-arm you, as being greatly beloved by me, foreseeing the snares of the devil.
2. 7  
Wherefore putting on meekness, renew yourselves in faith, that is, the flesh of the Lord; and in charity, that is, the blood of Jesus Christ.
2. 8  
Let no man have any [*177:5] grudge against his neighbour. Give no occasion to the Gentiles; lest by means of a few foolish men, the whole congregation of God be evil spoken of.
2. 9  
For woe to that man [*177:6] through whose vanity my name is blasphemed by any.
2. 10  
Stop your ears therefore, as often as any one shall [*177:7] speak contrary to Jesus Christ; who was of the race of David, of the Virgin Mary.
2. 11  
Who was truly born and did eat and drink; was truly persecuted under Pontius Pilate; was truly crucified and dead; both those in heaven and on earth, [*177:8] being spectators of it.
2. 12  
Who was also truly raised from the dead [*177:9] by his Father. after the same manner as [*10] he will also raise up us who believe in him by Christ Jesus; without whom we have no true life.
2. 13  
But if, as some who are Atheists, that is to say infidels, pretend, that he only seemed to suffer: (they themselves only seeming to exist) why then am I bound?--Why do I desire to fight with beasts?--Therefore do I die in vain: therefore I will not speak falsely against the Lord.
2. 14  
Flee therefore these evil sprouts which bring forth deadly fruit; of which if any one taste, he shall presently die.
2. 15  
For these are not the plants of the Father; seeing if they were, they would appear to be the branches of the cross, and their fruit would be incorruptible; by which he invites you through his passion, who are members of him.
2. 16  
For the head cannot be without its members, God having promised a union, that is himself.

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