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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

3. 1  
I SALUTE you from Smyrna, together with the churches of God that are present with me; who have refreshed me in all things, both in the flesh and in the spirit.
3. 2  
My bonds, which I carry about me for the sake of Christ, beseeching him that I may attain unto God) exhort you, that you continue in concord among yourselves and in prayer with one another.
3. 3  
For it becomes every one of you, especially the presbyters, to refresh the bishop, to the honour of the Father of Jesus Christ and of the Apostles.
3. 4  
I beseech you, that you hearken to me in love; that I may not by those things which I write, rise up in witness against you.
3. 5  
Pray also for me; who through the mercy of God stand in need of your prayers, that I may be worthy of the portion which I am about to obtain that I be not found a reprobate.
3. 6  
The love of those who are at Smyrna and Ephesus salute you. Remember in your prayers the church of Syria, from which I am not worthy to be called, being one of the least of it.
3. 7  
Fare ye well in Jesus Christ; being subject to your bishop as to the command of God; and so likewise to the presbytery.
3. 8  
Love every one his brother with an unfeigned heart. My soul be your expiation, not only now, but when I shall have attained unto God; for I am yet under danger.
3. 9  
But the Father is faithful in Jesus Christ, to fulfil both mine and your petition; in whom may ye be found unblamable.
3. 10  
To the Trallians.

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Chapter 3
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