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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

1. 1  
IGNATIUS, who is also called Theophorus, to Polycarp, bishop of the church [*189:4] which is at Smyrna; their overseer, but rather himself overlooked by God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ: all happiness.
1. 2  
Having known that thy mind towards God, is fixed as it were upon an immovable rock; I exceedingly give thanks, that I have been thought worthy to behold thy [*189:5] blessed face, in which may I always rejoice in God.
1. 3  
Wherefore I beseech thee by the grace of God with which thou art clothed, to press forward in thy course, and to exhort all others that they may be saved.
1. 4  
Maintain thy place with all care [*189:6] both of flesh and spirit: Make it thy endeavour to preserve unity, than which nothing is better. Bear with all men, even as the Lord with thee.
1. 5  
Support all in love, as also thou dost. [*189:7] Pray without ceasing: ask more understanding than what thou already hast. Be watchful, having thy spirit always awake.
1. 6  
Speak to every one [*189:8] according as God shall enable thee. Bear the [*189:9] infirmities of all, as a perfect combatant; where the labour is great, the gain [*189:10] is the more.
1. 7  
If thou shalt love the good disciples, what thank is it? But rather do thou subject to thee those that are mischievous, in meekness.
1. 8  
Every wound is not healed with the same plaster: if the accessions of the disease be vehement, modify them with [*190:1] soft remedies: be in all things [*190:2] wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove.
1. 9  
For this cause thou art composed of flesh and spirit; that thou mayest modify those things that appear before thy face.
1. 10  
And as for those that are not seen, pray to God that he would reveal them unto thee, that so thou mayest be wanting in nothing, but mayest abound in every gift.
1. 11  
The times demand thee, as the pilots the winds; and he that is tossed in a tempest, the haven where he would be; that thou mayst attain unto God.
1. 12  
Be sober as the combatant of God: the [*190:3] crown proposed to thee is immortality, and eternal life; concerning which thou art also fully persuaded. I will be thy surety in all things, and my bonds, which thou hast loved.
1. 13  
Let not those that seem worthy of credit, but teach other doctrines, [*190:4] disturb thee. Stand firm and immovable, as au anvil when it is beaten upon.
1. 14  
It is the part of a brave combatant to be [*190:5] wounded, and yet overcome. But especially we ought to endure all things for God's sake, that he may bear with us.
1. 15  
Be every day [*190:6] better than other: consider the times; and expect him, who is above all time, eternal, invisible, though for our sakes made visible: impalpable, and impassable, yet for us subjected to sufferings; enduring all manner of ways for our salvation.

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