The Third Book of HERMAS, which is called his SIMILITUDES.
> The Third Book of HERMAS, which is called his SIMILITUDES.  >
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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

1. 1  
AND he said unto me; [*228:5] Ye know that ye who are the servants of the Lord, live here as in a pilgrimage; for your city is far off from this city.
1. 2  
If, therefore, ye know your city in which ye are to dwell, why do ye here buy estates, and provide yourselves with delicacies, and stately buildings, and superfluous houses? For he that provides himself these things in this city, does not think of returning into his own city.
1. 3  
O foolish, and doubtful, and wretched man; who understandest not that all these things belong to other men, and are under the power of another. For the Lord of this city saith unto thee; Either obey my laws, or depart out of my city.
1. 4  
What therefore shalt thou do who art subject to a law in thine own city? Canst thou for thy estate, or for any of those things which thou hast provided, deny thy law? But if thou shalt deny it, and wilt afterwards return into thy own city, thou shalt not be received, but shall be excluded thence.
1. 5  
See therefore, that like a man in another country, thou procure no more to thyself than what is necessary, and sufficient for thee? and be ready, that when the God or Lord of this city shall drive thee out of it, thou mayst oppose his law, and go into thine own city; where thou mayst with all cheerfulness live according to thine own law with no wrong.
1. 6  
Take heed therefore ye that serve God, and have him in your hearts: work ye the works of God, being mindful both of his commands and of his promises, which he has promised; and be assured that he will make them good unto you; if ye shall keep his commandments.
1. 7  
Instead therefore of the possessions that ye would otherwise purchase, redeem [*229:1] those that are in want from their necessities, as every one is able; justify the widows; judge the cause of the fatherless; and spend your riches and your wealth in such works as these.
1. 8  
For, for this end has God enriched you, that ye might fulfil these kind of services. It is much better to do this, than to buy lands or houses; because all such things shall perish with this present time.
1. 9  
But what ye shall do for the name of the Lord, ye shall find in your city, and shall have joy without sadness or fear. Wherefore covet not the riches of the heathen; for they are destructive to the servants of God.
1. 10  
[*229:2] But trade with your own riches which you possess, by which ye may attain unto everlasting joy.
1. 11  
And do not commit adultery, nor touch any other man's wife, nor desire her; but covet that which is thy own business, and thou shalt be saved.

^228:5 Antioch. Hom. xv. ^229:1 Souls. ^229:2 MS. Lambeth. Proprias, autem quas habetis agite.

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