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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)


^122:15 All of us. ^122:16 With concord. ^122:17 Prov. xx. 27. ^123:1 That nothing is hid to him of our thoughts, or reasonings. ^123:2 In the pride of their own speech, or reason. ^123:3 Correct, or amend. ^123:4 Will, or counsel. ^123:5 Moderation. ^123:6 Let them manifest. ^123:7 Partake of. ^123:8 Saving.
10. 1  
TAKE heed, beloved, that his many blessings be not to [*122:15] us to condemnation; except we shall walk worthy of him, doing with [*122:16] one consent what is good and pleasing in his sight.
10. 2  
[*122:17] The spirit of the Lord is a candle, searching out the inward of the belly.
10. 3  
Let us therefore consider how near he is to us; and how that none of our thoughts, or reasonings which we frame with in ourselves, are [*123:1] hid from him.
10. 4  
It is therefore just that we should not forsake our rank, by doing contrary to his will.
10. 5  
Let us choose to offend a few foolish and inconsiderate men, lifted up and glorying [*123:2] in their own pride, rather than God.
10. 6  
Let us reverence our Lord Jesus Christ whose blood was given for us.
10. 7  
Let us honour those who are set over us; let us respect the aged that are amongst us; and let us instruct the younger men, in the discipline and fear of the LORD.
10. 8  
Our wives let us [*123:3] direct to do that which is good.
10. 9  
Let them show forth a lovely habit of purity in all their conversation; with a sincere [*123:4] affection of meekness.
10. 10  
Let the [*123:5] government of their tongues [*123:6] be made manifest by their silence.
10. 11  
Let their charity be without respect of persons alike towards all such as religiously fear God.
10. 12  
Let your children [*123:7] be bred up in the instruction of Christ:
10. 13  
And especially let them learn how great a power humility has with God; how much a pure and holy charity avails with him; how excellent and great his fear is; and how it will [*123:8] save all such as turn to him with holiness in a pure mind.
10. 14  
For he is the searcher of the thoughts and counsels of the heart; whose breath is in us, and when he pleases he can take it from us.

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Chapter 10
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