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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

18. 1  
FOOLISH and unwise men [*130:7] who have neither prudence nor learning may mock and deride us; being willing to set up themselves in their own conceits;
18. 2  
[*130:8] But what can a mortal man do? Or what strength is there in him that is made out of the dust?
18. 3  
For it is written, there was no shape before mine eyes; only I heard a [*130:9] sound and a voice.
18. 4  
[*130:10] For what? Shall man be pure before the Lord? Shall he be blameless in his works?
18. 5  
Behold, he trusteth not in his servants; and his angels he chargeth with folly.
18. 6  
Yes, the heaven is not clean in his sight, how much less they that dwell in houses of clay; of which also we ourselves were made?
18. 7  
He smote them as a moth: and from morning even unto the evening they endure not. Because they were not able to help themselves, they perished; he breathed upon them and they died, because they had no wisdom.
18. 8  
[*130:11] Call now if there be any that will answer thee; and to which of the angels wilt thou look?
18. 9  
For wrath killeth the foolish man, and envy slayeth him that is in error.
18. 10  
I have seen the foolish taking root, but lo, their habitation was presently consumed.
18. 11  
Their children were far from safety, they [*130:12] perished at the gates of those who were lesser than themselves; and there was no man to [*130:13] help them.
18. 12  
For what was prepared for them, the righteous [*14] did eat: and they shall not be delivered from evil.
18. 13  
Seeing then these things are manifest unto us, it will behoove us, to take care that looking into the depths of the divine knowledge, we do all things in order, whatsoever our Lord has commanded us to do.
18. 14  
And particularly, that we perform our offerings and service to God, at their appointed seasons: for these he has commanded to be done, not [*131:1] rashly and disorderly, but at certain determinate times and hours.
18. 15  
And therefore he has ordained by his supreme will and authority, both where, and by what persons, they are to be performed; that so all things being piously done unto all well-pleasing, they may be acceptable unto [*131:2] him.
18. 16  
They therefore who make their offerings at the appointed seasons, are happy and accepted: because that obeying the commandments of the Lord, they are free from sin.
18. 17  
And the same care must be had of the persons that minister unto him.
18. 18  
[*131:3] For the chief-priest has his proper services; and to the priests their proper place is appointed; and to the Levites appertain their proper ministries: and the layman is confined within the bounds of what is commanded to laymen.
18. 19  
Let every one of you therefore, brethren, bless God in his proper station, with [*131:4] a good conscience, and with all gravity, not exceeding the rule of his service that is appointed to him.
18. 20  
The daily sacrifices are not offered everywhere; nor the peace-offerings, nor the sacrifices appointed for sins and transgressions; but only at Jerusalem: nor in any place there, but only at the altar before the temple; that which is offered being first diligently examined by the high-priest and the other minister we before mentioned.
18. 21  
They therefore who do anything which is not agreeable to His will are punished with death.
18. 22  
[*131:5] Consider, brethren, that by how much the better knowledge God has vouchsafed unto us by so much the greater danger are we exposed to.

^130:7 And impudent, and without instruction. ^130:8 For. ^130:9 An air. ^130:10 John iv. 16, &c., xv. 15, iv. 19. ^130:11 Job v. 1, &c. ^130:12 Were crushed upon. ^130:13 Deliver. ^130:14 Eat. ^131:1 By chance. ^131:2 To his will. ^131:3 See Coteler. in loc. ^131:4 Being in a good conscience. ^131:5 Ye see.

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