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(William Wake and Solomon Caesar Malan version)

2. 1  
I WRITE to the churches, and [*180:3] signify to them all, that am willing to die for God, unless [*180:4] hinder me.
2. 2  
I beseech you that you [*180:5] shew not an unseasonable good will towards me. Suffer me to be food to the wild beasts; by whom I shall attain unto God.
2. 3  
For I am the wheat of God; and I shall be ground by the teeth of the wild beasts, that I may be found the pure bread [*6] of Christ.
2. 4  
Rather [*180:7] encourage the beasts, that they may become my sepulchre; and may leave nothing of my body; that being dead I mazy not be troublesome to any.
2. 5  
Then shall I be truly the disciple of Jesus Christ, when the world shall not see so much as my body, Pray therefore unto Christ for me, that by these instruments I may be made the sacrifice [*180:8] of God.
2. 6  
I do not, as Peter and Paul, command you. They were Apostles, I a condemned man; they were free, but I am even to this day a servant:
2. 7  
But if I shall suffer, I shall then become the freeman of Jesus Christ, and shall rise [*180:9] free. And now, being in bonds, I learn, not to desire [*180:10] anything.
2. 8  
From Syria even unto Rome, I fight with beasts both by sea and land; both night and day: being bound to ten leopards, that is to say, to such a band of soldiers; who, though treated with all manner of kindness, are the worse for it.
2. 9  
But I am the more instructed by their injuries; [*180:11] yet am I not therefore justified.
2. 10  
May I enjoy the wild beasts that are prepared for me; which also I wish may [*180:12] exercise all their fierceness upon me.
2. 11  
And whom for that end I will [*180:13] encourage, that they may be sure to devour me, and not serve me as they have done some, whom out of fear they have not touched. But, and if they will not do it willingly, I will provoke them to it.
2. 12  
Pardon me in this matter; I know what is profitable for me. Now I begin to [*180:14] be a disciple. Nor [*180:15] shall anything move me, whether visible or invisible, that I may attain to Jesus Christ.
2. 13  
Let fire, and the cross; let the [*180:16] companies of wild beasts; [*180:17] let breakings of bones and tearing of members; let the [*180:18] shattering in pieces of the whole body, and all the wicked [*180:19] torments of the devil come upon me; only let [*180:20] me enjoy Jesus Christ.
2. 14  
All the [*181:1] ends of the world, and the kingdoms [*181:2] of it, will profit me nothing: I would rather die [*181:3] for Jesus Christ, than rule to the utmost ends of the earth. [*181:4] Him I seek who died for us; him I desire, that rose again for us. This is the [*181:5] gain that is laid up for me.
2. 15  
Pardon me, my brethren, ye shall not hinder me from living. [*181:6] Nor seeing I desire to go to God, may you separate me from him, for the sake of this world; nor reduce me by any of the [*181:7] desires of it. Suffer me to [*181:8] enter into pure light: Where being come, I shall be indeed the [*181:9] servant of [*181:10] God.
2. 16  
Permit me to imitate the passion of my God. If any one has him within himself, let him consider what I desire; and let him have compassion on me, as knowing [*181:11] how I am straightened.

^80:3 Vid. Usser. Annot. N.

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