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With today's globalisation, communities around the world are having deeper and stronger relation. But if globalisation has brought strong economic and touristic exchange, cultural dialogue has been left behind. Communities are therefore steeping themself on their own values to preserve their cultural identity leading in some extreme case to rejection and violence.

How could one maintain peace with this globalisation process?
Let listen to the wise of old:

Peace comes within the souls of men, when they realize their oneness with the Universe, when they realize it is really everywhere... it is within each one of us....

Black Elk, Native Americans

Vacuity, tranquillity, mellowness, quietness, and taking no action characterize the things of the universe at peace and represent the ultimate of Tao and virtue. Therefore rulers and sages abide in them.

Zhuangzi, Daoism

A man who is averse from harming
even the wind knows
the sorrow of all things living (…).
Those whose minds are at peace
and who are free from passions
do not desire to live
[at the expense of others].

Acaranga Sutra, Hinduism

Two paths seem to lead to peace. Two paths that are highly depending on each other:
· Inner peace: one at peace will not arm other
· Worldly peace: Knowing the other's values will replace fear (of the others) by respect and therefore help promoting peace.

Onelittleangel project aims at working on these two aspects by offering an area of cultural, religious and philosophical dialogue and understanding on the net about man's eternal quest (human nature, wisdom, paths to Inner Peace, etc.).

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