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I have selected these quotes from the Torah, Talmud and commentaries as well as esteemed Rabbis past (z'l) and current and other Jewish thinkers.

The Torah is the written law containing the 613 Mitzvot (commandments). The Talmud contains the codification of the oral law given with the Torah and its further commentaries. Great Rabbis and thinkers from the past millennium also feature. Time does not appear to diminish wisdom so I hope you find them relevant today as they where when recorded.

They cover a variety of subjects and may you find something in them that speaks to you.

Peace and happiness
Ariel Heber
Community Liaison Manager and President of Queensland Jewish Community Services Inc., Australia

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I f a people cannot help itself, it cannot be helped at all.

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W hat is hateful to thee, never do to thy fellow man: that is the entire Torah; all the rest is commentary.

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Source : Hillel, Shabbat 31a  

T he best charity is good will.

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Source : Ketubot  

Y ou shall not desire your neighbour ’s house, his field, or his manservant or his maidservant, his ox or his ass, or anything that is your neighbour’s.

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Source : Deuteronomy (Devarim) 5:18  

A rich man has many friends.

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Source : 24:20  

Y ou don’t put the cat in charge of the cream.

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Source : Yiddish Proverb  

A nxiety kills even the most heroic of heroes.

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Source : Sanhedrin  

B etter to get from God by the spoonful than from Man by the bushel.

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Source : Yiddish Proverb  

I f you do not pity your friend, nobody will pity you.

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T he side that breaks a truce during a war will lose.

T his nation is like the dust and like the stars: when it sinks, it sinks to the dust, and when it rises, it rises to the stars!

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Source : Megillah  

W here there are no men, try to be a man.

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Source : 2:6  

I f you are jealous of your friend, he flourishes and you fall.

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Y ou don’t have to pray loudly; just direct your heart to heaven.

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O nce a man is appointed leader of a community, he must be deemed mightiest of the mighty.

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Source : Rosh Hashanah  

H onour your physician according to your need of him! For verily the Lord has created him; and from the Lord comes his wisdom.

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Source : 38:1  

O ne must behave before men as one must before God.

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T he righteous are greater in death than in life.

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Source : Hullin  

I t is not your duty to complete the work, but neither are you excused from it.

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Source : Pirke Avot  

N one of your honey, none of your sting!

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Source : Numbers (Bamidbar) R.  

W hatever your host tells you, do.

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Source : Pesachim  

T he merciful man does his own soul good.

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Source : 11:17  

I t is hard to raise sons; and much harder to raise daughters.

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O nly the one who eats the dish knows how it tastes.

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Source : Midrash Deuteronomy R.  

W ho vexes himself more than is customary about the way of the world is a fool.

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