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I 80 vow that when my life approaches its end, all obstructions will be swept away; I will see Amitabha Buddha, and be born in his land of Ultimate Bliss and Peace. When reborn in the Western Land, I will perfect and completely fulfill, without exception, these Great Vows, to delight and benefit all beings.

Buddhism Quote n°8080 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
79 ????????????
80 “I” here refers to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

I nconceivable, the Buddha’s body holds within it all lands. He is present everywhere, guiding beings and teaching true Dharma.

Buddhism Quote n°7995 | 
Ch.2, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

I 59 can penetrate the future and exhaust all eons in a single thought. In a single thought I completely enter all eons of the three periods of time.

Buddhism Quote n°7994 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
59 “I” here refers to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

O n the tip of an extremely fine hair, appear jewelled lands of past, present and future; lands on hair tips as numerous as dust motes in all lands of the ten directions, I58 deeply enter, adorn, and purify.

Buddhism Quote n°7992 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
57 ????273????????????
58 “I” here refers to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

F or all the evil deeds I45 have done in the past, created by my body, mouth, and mind, from beginningless greed, anger, and delusion, I now know shame and repent them all.

Buddhism Quote n°7912 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
44 ???????????
45 “I” here refers to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

I study with the Buddhas and practice the perfect conduct of Samantabhadra; I make offerings to all the Thus Come Ones of the past and to all present Buddhas throughout the ten directions. All future Teachers of Gods and Men whose aspirations and vows have been completed, I will follow in study throughout the three periods of time and quickly attain Great Bodhi.

Buddhism Quote n°7769 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

I f there are Buddhas who wish for Nirvana, I request with deep sincerity that they dwell in the world for a long time to bring benefits and bliss to every being.

Buddhism Quote n°7768 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

B efore the Lamps of the Worlds of the ten directions, who have just accomplished Supreme Bodhi, I24 now request and beseech them all to turn the foremost, wondrous Dharma wheel.

Buddhism Quote n°7767 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
23 ?????????????????
24 “I” here and in the succeeding two passages refers to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

W hen the mind is impartial towards all living beings, one can accomplish full and perfect Great Compassion. By using the Mind of Great Compassion to accord with living beings, one perfects the making of offerings to the Thus Come Ones.

Buddhism Quote n°7741 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

A ll living beings are its roots; all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are its flowers and fruits. By benefitting all beings with the water of Great Compassion, one can realize the flowers and fruits of the Buddhas’ and Bodhisattvas’ wisdom.

Buddhism Quote n°7740 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

B ecause of living beings, they develop Great Compassion. From Great Compassion the Bodhi13 Mind is born; and because of the Bodhi Mind, they accomplish Supreme, Perfect Enlightenment.

Buddhism Quote n°7739 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
13 Bodhi: Enlightenment.(??:???)

I f a Bodhisattva accords with living beings then he accords with and makes offerings to all Buddhas. If he can honor and serve living beings then he honors and serves the Thus Come Ones. If he makes living beings happy, he is making all Thus Come Ones happy. Why is this? It is because all Buddhas, Thus Come Ones, take the Mind of Great Compassion as their substance.

Buddhism Quote n°7738 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

A ll Buddhas, in all the countless worlds, in the midst of the oceans of mental inclinations of all kinds of sentient beings, urge them to remember the Buddhas . . . they multiply their bodies to go to all worlds in the ten directions to let the sentient beings behold them, meditate on them and contemplate them, attend and serve them, plant roots of goodness, gain the good graces of the Buddhas, and increase the family of Buddhas, all being certain to attain buddhahood.

Buddhism Quote n°7557 | 
Trans. Thomas Cleary, Book 33, p.922, Shambhala 

T he knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas are in all beings' minds. . . . All beings, by discarding all their false discriminations and deluded notions, will finally attain the Ultimate Enlightenment and become Buddhas.

Buddhism Quote n°7554 | 
Chap. 35, Book 32-3 

M ind is like an artist, Able to paint the worlds: The five clusters all are born thence; There’s nothing it doesn’t make. As is the mind, so is the Buddha; As the Buddha, so living beings: Know that Buddha and mind Are in essence inexhaustible. If people know the actions of mind Create all the worlds, They will see the Buddha And understand Buddha’s true nature.

Buddhism Quote n°7551 | 
Trans. Thomas Cleary, Book 20, p.452, Shambhala 

A ll sentient beings have the knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas but in their folly and confusion do not know them or perceive them. . . . After shedding deluded notions and attachments, sentient beings will see in their own bodies the vast knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas, no different from the Buddhas. . . . After eradicating their deluded notions, sentient beings will recover the infinite knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas, and thus become able to aid and comfort all living beings.

Buddhism Quote n°7550 | 
Chap. 51, Book 37-2 

A ll sentient beings possess within their true mind the sublime knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas. The knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas are pure, totally free from any mental discriminations, attachments and deluded notions. With this pure knowledge and wisdom, fully enlightened beings can realize the truth of all creation, understanding all phenomena of the universe. . . . Forever eradicating deluded notions, discriminations and attachments, sentient beings can see in their own bodies the knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas, no different from the Buddhas.

Buddhism Quote n°7549 | 
Chap. 35, Book 32-3 

T hey observe all opportunities and affinities, First protecting others’ minds, making them noncontentious, Showing all sentient beings the place of peace; This is the path traveled by the skillful. . . . One light illumines boundlessly, Filling all lands in the ten directions, Causing all worlds to gain great brightness: This is the path of the darkness destroyers.

Buddhism Quote n°7548 | 
Trans. Thomas Cleary, Book 21, p. 481, Shambhala 

A ll Buddhas know that all Buddhas of all times and all the beings they teach are essentially equal, definitely, without duality.

Buddhism Quote n°7547 | 
Trans. Thomas Cleary, Book 33, p.925, Shambhala 

I n the ocean of sentient beings The buddha-body appears like a reflection; According to the differences in their understandings Thus do they see the Guide. . . . Buddha, with each of his bodies, Teaches in every place, Pervading the whole cosmos, Beyond the reach of thought.

Buddhism Quote n°7546 | 
Trans. Thomas Cleary, Book 2, p.171, Shambhala 

C ountless eons of practice complete, You've become truly awake under the enlightenment tree: You appear universally to liberate beings, Like clouds filling all to the end of time. When beings have doubts, you put an end to them, Causing all to develop great faith and resolution; Everywhere removing unlimited suffering, You make all experience the peace of the Buddhas.

Buddhism Quote n°7545 | 
Trans. Thomas Cleary, Book 2, p. 150, Shambala 

A t that time, the Buddha, the World Honored One, in this setting, attained to supreme, correct awareness of all things . . . His knowledge entered into all times with complete equanimity; his body filled all worlds; his voice universally accorded with all lands in the ten directions. . . . Each of his hair tips was able to contain all worlds without interference, in each manifesting immeasurable spiritual powers, teaching and civilizing all sentient beings.

Buddhism Quote n°7544 | 
Trans. Thomas Cleary, Book 1, p. 56, Shambhala 

T o hold all beings in high esteem, and render them respectful services, that is equal to revering and serving the Tathagatas.† To make all beings happy, is to please all Tathagata. And why? Because the Great Compassionate Heart is the essence of Buddhahood. For the sake of (delivering) all beings, (the Bodhisattva) develops Great Compassion, and from the Great Compassion springs the Bodhicitta, and from Bodhicitta comes the Enlightenment.

Buddhism Quote n°7543 | 
chap. 40, On Entering the Inconceivable State of Liberation Through the Practices and Vows of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra 

T here is not a single sentient being who is not fully endowed with the knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas; it is just that because of deluded notions, erroneous thinking, and attachments, they are unable to realize it. If they would eradicate deluded notions, then universal knowledge, spontaneous knowledge, and unobstructed knowledge would become manifest.

Buddhism Quote n°7542 | 
Chap. 51, Book 37-2 

T he bodies of all Buddhas Are just one reality-body: One in mind, one in wisdom, The same in power and fearlessness.

Buddhism Quote n°7541 | 
Chap. 13, Book 10 

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