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T o bear with those who revile us, just as the earth bears up those who dig it, is the first of virtues.

Hinduism 5595 | 
Couplet 151 

A favour conferred in the time of need, though it be small in itself, is, in value, much larger than the world.

Hinduism 5574 | 
Couplet 102 

S elf-control will place a man among the Gods; the want of it will drive him into the thickest darkness of hell.

Hinduism 5559 | 
Couplet 121 

H umility and sweetness of speech are the ornaments of man; all others are not.

Hinduism 5558 | 
Couplet 95 

S weet speech, with a cheerful countenance is better than a gift made with a joyous mind.

Hinduism 5527 | 
Couplet 92 

T hat body alone which is inspired with love contains a living soul. If void of it, (the body) is bone overlaid with skin.

Hinduism 5514 | 
Couplet 80 

T he virtuous are truly called Happy Ones; because in their conduct towards all creatures they are clothed in kindness.

Hinduism 5495 | 
Couplet 30 

T he flute is sweet, the lute is sweet; thus say only those who have not heard the prattle of little children.

Hinduism 5484 | 
Couplet 66 

I f the married life possesses love and virtue, these will be both its duty and reward.

Hinduism 5473 | 
Couplet 45 

N one can swim the sea of vice, but those who are united to the feet of that gracious Being who is a sea of virtue.

Hinduism 5456 | 
Couplet 8 

H e who guides his five senses by the hook of wisdom will be a seed in the world of heaven.

Hinduism 5436 | 
Couplet 34 

T hat conduct is virtue which is free from these four things, viz, malice, desire, anger and bitter speech.

Hinduism 5424 | 
Couplet 35 

I f one allows no day to pass without some good being done, his conduct will be a stone to block up the passage to other births.

Hinduism 5418 | 
Couplet 38 

L et him who does virtuous deeds be of spotless mind; to that extent is virtue; all else is vain show.

Hinduism 5404 | 
Couplet 34 

V irtue will confer heaven and wealth; what greater source of happiness can man possess?

Hinduism 5389 | 
Couplet 31 

T here can be no greater source of good than (the practice of) virtue; there can be no greater source of evil than the forgetfulness of it.

Hinduism 5375 | 
Couplet 32 

A nxiety of mind cannot be removed, except from those who are united to the feet of Him who is incomparable

Hinduism 5374 | 
Couplet 7 

N one can swim the great sea of births but those who are united to the feet of God.

Hinduism 5349 | 
Couplet 10 

T he two-fold deeds that spring from darkness shall not adhere to those who delight in the true praise of God.

Hinduism 5340 | 
Couplet 5 

W hat profit have those derived from learning, who worship not the good feet of Him who is possessed of pure knowledge?

Hinduism 5328 | 
Couplet 2 

A s the letter A is the first of all letters, so Eternal God is first in the world.

Hinduism 5315 | 
Couplet 1 

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