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G uru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji the ninth Guru left His son at a young age and He advised him to lead a life of a virtuous man: Chand - Ever since I have attained my consciousness, my Guru and father, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji advised me that My son (Gobind Rai), take a vow that until the last moment you have your breath remaining Your love for your wife must grow as the moments of life passes through But, never ever even by mistake should You ever dream of an other women

quote 6965  |   The Sri Dasam Granth Ji
Charitropakhyan Charitr 21 

Be loyal to your spouse and do not look at or dream of another ever. Be vigilant and stay on the righteous path. Don’t let passion and desires dictate your conduct in life

W hen the people heard that Ram had returned, then all the people ran and fell at his feet; Ram met all of them Someone swung the fly-whisk; someone offered the betel; Ram fell at the feet of his mother and his mother hugged him

quote 6808  |   The Sri Dasam Granth Ji
Page 618 Line 8 Choubis Avtar 

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji depicts a historical event of the return of Ram Chander Ji (the Prophet of Threta Age) to Ayuadhya after 14 years. Everyone was falling at Ram Chander Jis feet but he fell at his mother’s feet*. Guru Gobind Singh Ji emphasis that one can be the greatest and most respected person in the world, but a mother is greater still *Falling at the feet of someone or touching someone’s feet is an act of giving that person the utmost respect

S erve your respected mother and father daily Listen mate, never abandon them to perform meditation or perform any other penance as this is dharma (righteous path)

quote 6807  |   The Sri Dasam Granth Ji
Charitr 81 Sri Charitropakhyan 

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji says it is the first and foremost duty of an offspring to serve their parents. It is the greatest deed possible for an individual to give up worldly possessions but even that is not equivalent to serving ones parents

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