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W hen you let go of the Void you unite with the Tao. Once you have returned to the source, the Tao, the Elixir of Immortality is complete.

quote 7422  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he ancients said, ďThe term emptiness embraces the entire teaching.Ē

quote 7421  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

( In cultivating the inner Elixir) Even if you are unable to make us of the substance, you can certainly make use of the function.

quote 7420  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he Elixir is called Green Dragon and White Tiger; The Elixir is the nature of no-nature, Emptiness of non-emptiness.

quote 7419  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

I t is not possible to attain the eternal just through invocation.

quote 7418  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

R ecite (the scripture) and uphold (practice) it ten thousand times. These are the subtle principles of self-illumination.

quote 7417  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he Elixir is within yourself, It is not white and not green.

quote 7416  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

A cquiring the inner Elixir results in immortality, not acquiring it results in extinction.

quote 7415  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he seven apertures in our body interpenetrate, and each emits wisdom light.

quote 7414  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he meeting of our Jing, Qi and Shen results in our existence, Their parting results in our non-existence.

quote 7413  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he Shen depends on life form (physical); the Jing depends on sufficient Qi. If these are neither depleted nor injured, the result will be youthfulness and longevity.

quote 7412  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

E ach person has Jing. The Shen unites with the Jing, the Shen unites with the Qi, the breath then unites with the true nature. Before you have attained this true nature, these terms appear to be fanciful exaggerations.

quote 7411  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

B reathing nourish youthfulness.

quote 7410  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

F ulfilling vows illumine the Heavens.

quote 7409  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he sages awaken through self-cultivation; deep, profound, their practices require great effort.

quote 7408  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

K eep to nonbeing, yet hold on to being and perfection is yours in an instant.

quote 7407  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

T he Supreme Medicine (in our body) has three dimensions: Jing (essence), Qi (vitality), and Shen (spirit), which are elusive and obscure.

quote 7406  |   The Jade Emperorís Mind Seal

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