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The wisdom of The Tai Shang Xuan Ling Bei Dou Ben Ming Yan Sheng Zhen Jing

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T he Three Altar Stars (San Tai Xing): Energy of the Void, The Scholar and Warrior Stars that give balance – From them I am born: From them I receive nourishment; they protect my human form.

Daoism 7431 | 

A ll the constellations rotate around the Celestial Pivot, day and night without stopping. We abide by the solemnity of the ritual. So that we may attain immortality.

Daoism 7430 | 

T he celestial stars circle at the macrocosm and are present in the microcosm of a grain of dust. So, is there any disaster that it cannot avert? Is there any prosperity that it cannot grant?

Daoism 7429 | 

T he Big Dipper has nine luminous bodies. In the centre of the sky is the great sacred star: Upward it points toward the heavenly golden palace, downward it envelops the Kun-lun Mountains. It regulates the movement of all things and rules the universe.

Daoism 7428 | 

C ultivate the Tao and be liberated from cycles of rebirth. One will transcend earthly existence and merge with the Tao and return to their true nature.

Daoism 7427 | 

C ultivating the Tao, they will not be born in lands where the teachings of the Tao are unknown. They will not lose the essence of being human. They will cultivate the Tao in themselves and gradually enter the path of immortality.

Daoism 7426 | 

I (Supreme Venerable Lord) will let them know that all life comes from the Tao. If they understand this, then they will attain longevity. Their seed of life will not wither. They will continue to exist in human form.

Daoism 7425 | 

H umanity does not understand karma. They do not know the true way of Tao. They are confused and lost.

Daoism 7424 | 

I t is difficult to be reborn in human form. It is even more difficult to be born in the central lands. Even if you have that opportunity, to encounter the true teaching of Tao is rare.

Daoism 7423 | 

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