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The wisdom of The treatise on the unseen merits

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- Do not have any relations or exchange with the unworthy or live among the confused and defiled. Always strive to control yourself, becoming perched and composed in clarity and emptiness. - Precepts of Initial Perfection

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D o not be greedy or acquisitive without ever being satisfied or accumulate wealth without giving some away. Always practise moderation in all things and show kindness and sympathy to the poor and destitute. Precepts of Initial Perfection

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D o not slander or defame the worthy and good or exhibit your talents and elevate yourself. Always praise the beauty and goodness of others and never be contentious about your own accomplishments and abilities. - Precepts of Initial Perfection

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D o not secretly steal things, harbour hidden plots, or harm other beings in order to profit yourself. Always practise hidden virtue and widely aid the host of living beings. - Precepts of Initial Perfection

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P ractise benevolence wherever you find an opportunity, and let your deeds of merit be unheeded (yin).

Daoism 7436 | 

A nything evil refrain ye from doing; all good deeds do! So will you be released forever from the influence of evil stars, and always be encompassed by good guardian spirits.

Daoism 7435 | 

B e mindful when you are alone in the shadow of your coverlet.

Daoism 7434 | 

L et your work conform to Heaven’s reason, and let your speech express humaneness.

Daoism 7433 | 

H e, who wants to expand the field of happiness, let him lay the foundation of it on the bottom of his heart.

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