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The wisdom of The Tai Shang Xu hang tian Zun Si Shi Jui Zhang Jing

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T he Heavenly Lord said: My Tao is like the sun, whose light universally illuminate all, so that people can differentiate many and various appearances and phenomena. Without light, eyes cannot see. Therefore, you should practice Tao carefully, and never stop in the middle of the practice.

Daoism 7446 | 

T he Heavenly Lord said: Studying Tao is very difficult, because ghosts, spirits, and demon kings prevent people from achieving the perfection. They only want people to die and do not like anyone to achieve the Tao of immortality.

Daoism 7445 | 

A ll blessings come from joy; all givings can arouse joy from the hearts [of both the givers and the receivers].

Daoism 7444 | 

W hen there are dirtiness accumulated on one’s body, he will wish to bath, but his heart being defiled and his six-consciousness being polluted, he does not wish to clean them -- because he is deluded and perplexed.

Daoism 7443 | 

A fter eating honey, your mouth is filled with sweetness, and your tongue has the remaining flavour. Tasting my words (words of Tao) is like that, and much greater than that.

Daoism 7442 | 

I f any one wishes to cultivate Tao, he should firstly cultivate merits.

Daoism 7441 | 

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